How the Art Sharing Site Began

Tom Atkins, pastor at Rupert United Methodist Church is also an artist working in oil, watercolor, acrylic and other media. Much of his art work is based on Christian themes.  During the Pandemic, Vermont's UMC District Superintendent Jill Colley Robinson used digital images of some of his artwork. They both had a belief that in a state with so many artists, the odds were there were other artists who would be willing to share their art for use in programs, power points, outreach materials and more. This site is the beginnings of that vision.

How it works

If you are looking for art work to use in your church or ministry, this site is very simple. Go to the Gallery page and pick an artist by clicking on the small image for any artist. This will take you to a gallery of that artist's work. Click on a thumbnail of any art work that interests you and you can get a full sized image that you can download. All we ask is that you give attribution to the artist when you use it and do not digitally manipulate the art.

If you are an artist and would like to share your art for other churches to use, contact Jill Colley Robinson ( or Tom Atkins ( and let him know. He will work with you to get the images up for use. All we ask is that any work you share here be your own, so we can give proper credit. On your page of artwork, we are happy to provide, at your request, your email, and if you have it, a web page that will let others find you, and if they desire, purchase the original.